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A Special Tribute

Albert Parker, who made Claxton the "Fruit Cake Capital of the World", passed away Sunday, May 21, 1995, at the age of seventy-nine. But his inspiring story of entrepreneurial success and philanthropy should live forever.

In Memory Of Albert Parker
An American Success Story

Mr. Parker epitomized the American dream....start from the bottom and, through hard work and perseverance, work your way up the ladder of success. He was eleven years of age when he went to work at the Claxton Bakery, firing up the ovens each day at 4:00 a.m.

After almost twenty years of working there, Mr. Parker bought the bakery in 1945 and quickly turned the small business into a fruit cake giant. Today, Claxton Bakery bakes and ships worldwide millions of pounds of Claxton Fruit Cake each year.

Yet even as his bakery business grew by leaps and bounds across the continent and oceans, Mr. Parker remained true to his small-town roots and his deeply held spiritual beliefs.

He donated the property or aided in the construction of several churches and schools in Georgia, and he served on the boards of trustees of many area organizations. He was also the founder of the Parker Foundation, which provides scholarships to young people.

"I would call him one of the greatest Christians I have ever known", said Claxton Mayor Perry Lee DeLoach.

Today, many in the nation sneer or jeer at such simple values as honesty, hard work and dedication to one's family and community. Those nattering nabobs of negativism obviously never met or heard of Mr. Parker. He is proof that good guys can finish first.

(Reprinted with permission granted by Savannah Morning News, Savannah, Georgia, May 23, 1995.)