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NEW! 2-1 Lb. Claxton Fruit Cake

Two of our popular one-pound cakes, individually wrapped for freshness, are packed in our new 2-1 Lb. traditional Claxton carton. An economical gift item the entire family will enjoy. Available in both Regular and Dark recipes.



  • Regular or Dark Recipe?
    Our “Regular” fruit cake recipe, a traditional favorite, is more popular than our “Dark” variety; however, the “Dark” cakes contain the same high fruit-and-nut content. The difference lies in the molasses, spices and natural, sun-dried raisins which give the “Dark” cakes their distinctive, darker color. Our “Regular” fruit cakes feature golden raisins and imitation rum flavoring. The “Regular” recipe outsells the “Dark” by approximately eight-to-one, but both offer fruit cake “at its Claxton best!” For initial orders, we recommend the “Regular” recipe.
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Added by Jackie Skinner

I remember the Light and Dark fruit cakes from when I was a teenager. I am now in my 80's and still remember the joy when my employer presented me my Christmas bonus and a gift of Claxton Fruit Cake. I was so happy it was always the Light cake. I have tried many fruit cakes over the years, but Claxton Fruit Cake is still my favorite.

Jackie Sknner
Added by Dfoto

Wonderful, flavorful and fresh.
Added by mwmoody

I know there has always been discussion about Regular vs. Dark. But for me, the Dark has always tasted better. It's flavor sets itself above all the other fruitcakes I've tried! But I guess that's why there are Chevys and Buicks, both made by the same company, but different people claim that one is better than the other. Let me close and cut me a piece of that Dark Claxton Fruit Cake!
Added by Chrisbanks007

My mother served Claxton Fruit Cake to our family every Christmas since I was a little kid in Georgia in 1947. I have purchased it every year since I moved away from home. I moved to Arizona in 1970 and had trouble finding it. My kids actually had a treasure hunt and contest every year after they grew up to see who would be the first to give me a Claxton Fruit Cake for Christmas! Sometimes it was a little stale, probably old fruitcake that the stores packed up in their inventory from the previous year. And then I found your website! I’m ecstatic!
Added by DCRIPPS1955@GMAIL.COM (Doris Cripps)

My very favorite fruit cake of all time!!! This is absolutely the most moist, fruit loaded fruit cake available. Our groceries have them through the holiday season. I buy several to enjoy for the year. I wrap and put them in freezer bags and enjoy them all year!! If you like fruitcake...YOU WILL LOVE CLAXTON FRUIT CAKE!!
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