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Simply The Best Fruit Cake!

Claxton Fruit Cake, famous for quality and value for over a century!
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The Goodness of GA Pecans!

Georgia Pecan Halves are perfect for baking and munching! Order Now!
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ClaxSnax...So Delicious!

Claxton Fruit Cake "by the slice," individually wrapped for freshness.

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When Folks Think Of Fruit Cake, Claxton Comes To Mind!

A blend of nature's finest fruits and nuts, Claxton Fruit Cake has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for quality and value for generations. All our cakes contain an abundance of raisins, cherries, almonds, candied pineapple, walnuts, pecans, candied orange and lemon peel, and just enough rich pound cake batter to hold it all together.

Our original or "Regular" recipe features golden and natural raisins along with imitation rum flavoring, while our "Dark" recipe calls for natural raisins, spices, and molasses.

Even though our "Regular" recipe is more popular than the "Dark," both are fruit cake at its finest!

Our family-owned company is also pleased to offer a wonderful collection of favorite Southern food products under our "Claxton Choice" label. All products bearing the Claxton name are guaranteed for quality and freshness.

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