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10-1 Lb. Claxton Gift Special

Several years ago, we introduced our Claxton Gift Special, offering ten one-pound cakes each packaged in colorful sealed cartons. Each year, we sell more and more Gift Specials as customers discover that this item is the perfect solution for holiday gift giving.  Everyone loves Claxton Fruit Cake, and when you order this unit, you’re getting ten great gifts for an affordable price. Available in both Regular and Dark recipes, and if you prefer variety, we’ll make it five “Regular” and five “Dark”.

Perfect for your hand-delivered gifts!



  • Regular or Dark Recipe?
    Our “Regular” fruit cake recipe, a traditional favorite, is more popular than our “Dark” variety; however, the “Dark” cakes contain the same high fruit-and-nut content. The difference lies in the molasses, spices and natural, sun-dried raisins which give the “Dark” cakes their distinctive, darker color. Our “Regular” fruit cakes feature golden raisins and imitation rum flavoring. The “Regular” recipe outsells the “Dark” by approximately eight-to-one, but both offer fruit cake “at its Claxton best!” For initial orders, we recommend the “Regular” recipe.
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Added by gensor34

We love Claxton fruitcakes and have bought them every holiday season for years. Unfortunately we have been unable to find them in Phoenix for the last couple of years (we searched high and low) and now have to purchase them online, paying a lot more. But we buy in bulk and freeze them because we hate the thought of the holidays without them. We had kept some frozen for about four years and they were just fine when thawed and eaten.
Added by wilson.pat52

I started eating these fruit cakes in 1970. I was pregnant with my first born son. I binged for the next nine years, through my child-bearing years. We then moved, and I lost touch with Claxton. I'm so excited to have located ya'll! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Added by wilson.pat52

I started eating these fruit cakes in 1970. I was pregnant with my first-born son. I binged for the next 9 years, through my child-bearing years. When we moved, I lost touch with Claxton. I'm so excited to have located you again. Happy Holidays!
Added by Claxton Gourmet

Back around 1968 to 1970, my mom would order your cakes in the mail here in Canada every Christmas. In the early 1960's, she made her own fruitcake. They were exquisite, and your cakes are just as good. They're excellent with a nice piece off sharp cheese.
Added by

I have been ordering Claxton Fruit Cake direct for several years and give a few away each Christmas. This year, I bought the box of 10, because everyone that has gotten one loved it. I also saved two or three for my own use later in the year since they keep so well. Also, and this is important. Shipping & delivery was in 3 days! Now that's fast...and they arrive in perfect order.
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