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3-1 Lb. Claxton Fruit Cake

A customer favorite for decades, our three one-pound size features three of our individually wrapped cakes, packaged in our hallmark red-and-white striped carton. Chill and unwrap one cake at a time for maximum freshness. Available in both Regular and Dark recipes.



  • Regular or Dark Recipe?
    Our “Regular” fruit cake recipe, a traditional favorite, is more popular than our “Dark” variety; however, the “Dark” cakes contain the same high fruit-and-nut content. The difference lies in the molasses, spices and natural, sun-dried raisins which give the “Dark” cakes their distinctive, darker color. Our “Regular” fruit cakes feature golden raisins and imitation rum flavoring. The “Regular” recipe outsells the “Dark” by approximately eight-to-one, but both offer fruit cake “at its Claxton best!” For initial orders, we recommend the “Regular” recipe.
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Added by Cattyma0609

"I have been enjoying Claxton Fruit Cake for most of my 52 years on this earth. I remember as a child both sets of grandparents would make their own, but they would always buy your fruitcake. I remember sitting at my grandparents' table at night drinking coffee and enjoying a slice of your fruitcake. As I grew older and married, I never lost the taste for a Claxton Fruit Cake. In fact, my husband and I both get mighty upset when we can't find it. We carry on the old ways at Christmas: Brazil nuts, Walnuts, Pecans, Oranges, Apples, and best of all, Claxton Fruit Cake.

Thank you all so much for the recollection of wonderful memories and your devotion to carrying on a family tradition."

Cat Starley
Wilkinson County GA
Added by Bruster3043

Great! Stays fresh forever
Added by

I recall enjoying Claxton Fruit Cakes over 45 years ago, My grandmother would buy them every year. I carry on the tradition now, and they bring back many good memories.
Added by Franny

Excellent product! Takes you back to your childhood. Thanks for the memories!!!
Added by

Love, love these fruit cakes! There is no other like them....Been buying Claxton for 40 years. Our local Acme sold them, but I have had a hard time finding them. Thank you for the catalog.
Added by nelsonstirtmire

I really enjoyed it! Your cakes are delicious!
Added by Banana_Man

I don't know how many of the reviews on here are paid fluff, but I'm here to give my honest opinion. This is the ONLY fruitcake I will eat, and I do mean only. I've tried almost every single variety under the sun. I've had fruitcake spiced with rum, bourbon and even tequila.
I've had it with wheat flour, rye flour and rice flour. Anise stars, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. They are all disgusting bricks of dry, grainy garbage that are good for nothing than to be used as firewood. Claxton Fruit Cake is dense, moist, crunchy and sweet. There is perfect distribution of ingredients, even the nuts, INSIDE the cake, none of that lazy pecans on top crap you see everywhere else. The fruit is candied, but not so much that it loses its original flavor and texture. The only bad thing is that with the dark recipe, the molasses clashes with the fruits. It can be a bit overpowering and sits super heavy on the stomach.
Added by dkirchhan

Fantastic customer service, they go above and beyond to ensure that its perfect! Thank you for all the great years!
Added by susiekeyes

It is the best! And everyone I know gets Claxton Fruit Cake for Christmas!
Added by Jcjones1

My husband and I love Claxton Fruit Cake! It’s the best!
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