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Welcome To The Home Of Claxton Fruit Cake

Sun-ripened California Raisins, delicious pineapple, crunchy Georgia pecans, plump juicy cherries, freshly shelled walnuts and almonds, tangy lemon and orange peel blended into a rich pound cake batter and baked to a golden brown.

Celebrating 104 Years Of Claxton Quality

Known the world over for old-fashioned goodness and traditional holiday appeal, Claxton Fruit Cake is the "Choice of Millions Since 1910."

The Fruit Cake With A Crown Is Now Available

Classic Supreme, our world famous three-pound Claxton Fruit Cake with a hand-decorated top of Georgia Pecan Halves, Candied Cherries and Pineapple Wedges.

ClaxSnax...So Delicious

HomePageClaxSnaxAd.jpgClaxton Fruit Cake "by the slice", indi-vidually wrapped for freshness.

The Goodness of GA Pecans!

Georgia Pecan Halves are perfect for baking and munching!  Order Now!

3-1 Lb. "Claxton Combo"

Enjoy a great pair of Southern traditions with our 3-1 Lb. "Claxton Combo"